Local 2ªFeira 3ªFeira 4ªFeira 5ªFeira 6ªFeira Sábado Domingo Reuniões Abertas Obs.
Albufeira 20:00
Barranco de Apra - Loulé 19:30
Estoril 19:00 19:00 Open Mettings Last Sunday of the month
Lagos 19:30 This is an open meeting
Lisbon - São Paulo (Rockers in Recovery) 19:00 19:00 back of the wide St. Paul next to Time Out market, near Cais do Sodré
Porches 19:30
Portimão 19:30 19:30 Open Mettings 3rd monday and last friday of month
São Lourenço 13:00 13:00 13:00 17:30 Open mettings at request
Tavira 19:30