Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

  1. Why an International Convention?

In 2004 the 1st International Convention of Alcoholics Anonymous of Portugal was held in the Algarve.  At this Convention, which was attended by hundreds of participants, the second edition of the Portuguese version of the book Alcoholics Anonymous was launched. The biggest novelty of this edition was the publication of life stories, some translated from the North American versions and others from AA members in Portugal.

Twenty years have passed. It's time to renew the global spirit of Alcoholics Anonymous, bring members from other countries to Portugal, share new experiences, enrich the entire AA Community through the Unity that will truly be evident at an international event.

This is going to be a great Convention. We welcome the great diversity of Alcoholics Anonymous members, their families and all who come to celebrate the gift of sobriety with us.

  1. Why was the city of Braga chosen?

Research work was carried out on locations that could offer the necessary conditions for this Convention. Braga was the city chosen because it met the requirements that included not only logistics but also costs, ease of access, heritage, and tourist interest

  1. Specifically, what will be the location of the Convention?

The Convention will take place at Altice Forum Braga, a multipurpose, modern, interactive, and environmentally sustainable structure, designed and made for people.

  1. Is accommodation included in the registration process as usual?

No, this time it is not included. Participants will need to choose and book their accommodation. For the expected number of participants, it was not possible to have everything included. However, we are contacting hotels to grant us some type of promotional discount. 

  1. When will more information be available?

The information will be made available on the AA website,, on the page dedicated to the International Convention.

  1. What about meals, what will the process be like?

Just like accommodation, it will also be up to participants to choose restaurants, cafes, etc. or, in any way, take care of their own food. At Altice Forum Braga there is also a restaurant.

  1. Will it be possible to buy coffee and water at the Convention site?

Yes, at the Convention site there is a cafeteria that will serve coffee and water, as well as light food. Unlike other conventions, there will be no coffee or water tickets available.

  1. Will Al-Anon participate?

Al-Anon was invited and has a room reserved for its meetings.  This is an opportunity for family and friends of alcoholics to get to know this fellowship.

  1. What can I expect from this Convention?

Many meetings are being planned that will take place simultaneously in different rooms, including some in foreign languages. Simultaneous translation in English and Portuguese will be arranged for some of these meetings.

In addition to the meetings, there will also be time for leisure activities, music and fun. In addition, there will be space for socializing, hugs, joy, meetings, and reunions.

  1. What will registration be like?

We ask that you register online whenever possible, although the registration form is also available on paper. Registration on paper will create more work for the organization, which will need to manually collect the respective data. Thinking about hundreds of registrations, this will be time-consuming work and could even lead to unintentional errors. 

The registration process is available on the website on the Convention page, either through an online form or through the possibility of downloading the form.

To register online:

First there will be the process of filling out the registration form online at

The form will be automatically sent to the Convention secretary, when clicking on the “Send” option.

You will receive an email confirming that the registration has been received and that the registration process awaits the necessary payment.

Then pay the registration fee  by bank transfer to IBAN PT50 0033 0000 45498969478 05, via MbWay to the number 930442117, or via PayPal to the address and send proof of payment to the Convention Secretary:

You will then receive a new email informing you that your registration is complete and final.

This email will contain the Convention ticket(s) with a QRCode image that will be required toenter the convention at Altice Forum Braga.

For paper registrations:

Download the registration form  here. Fill it in.

Proceed to pay the registration fee via bank transfer to IBAN PT50 0033 0000 45498969478 05, via MbWay to the number 930442117, or by PayPal to the address

Attach proof of payment to the form and send everything by post to:  AA ESG - Praça D. Miguel 1º - 3C – 2660-310 Santo António dos Cavaleiros.

You will receive a letter proving that your registration is complete and final. With this letter, the Convention ticket(s) will be sent with a QRCode image that will be essential for entering the convention at Altice Forum Braga.

  1. If I have questions, how should I proceed?

We have organized a support and information service especially dedicated to the Convention, which is manned by AA member volunteers They can be reached at +351 912629680 or at

We ask that you always make contact using these channels. The other usual contacts will not be available to answer your questions.

  1. What can I do to help the organization?

There are several things that would help a lot:

  1. Register as early as possible – this Convention needs your registrations!
  2. Book accommodation as soon as information is available. This is important to be able to take advantage of the best options.
  3. Publicize the Convention at meetings, encourage and facilitate the participation of members and newcomers.  Arrange ride shares, take care of accommodation, provide each other with security and enthusiasm.
  4. Publicize the Convention to family and other friends or acquaintances who may be interested. Being a large Convention, it is a good opportunity to see AA in action.
  5. RRespect the information channels – the General Services Office and the Telephone Service  will not  provide information about the Convention, they will refer you to the Convention Customer Service contacts: +351 912629680 or
  6. If you are a member of AA and are interested in doing service at the Convention, please inform Convention Support. You will be contacted later. 
  1. How can we get there?

The Altice Forum Braga website has all the information, in the “Location” tab, on how to get there. There is also information on how to get there on the event page.

  1. We go by car. Is there parking near the Convention site?

Yes, there is free parking outside Altice Forum Braga.

  1. What is the best way to keep me informed of all the details?

The information will be updated on the website as soon as possible. Always consult the Convention page.